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  Beakers, Berzelius, tall form, borosilicate glass
Borosilicate glass beaker with a slightly flared top, reinforcing bead and pouring spout.

Stock StatusCat. No.Capac. (ml)Graduation range (ml)O.D. × Height (mmLeast count (ml)PkPriceQuantity
B20004-0001B5010-4038×70 10 1 S$3.45
B20004-0002B10020-80 48×8010 1 S$3.45
B20004-0003B15020-14054×9520 1 S$3.45
B20004-0005B25025-200 60×12025 1 S$3.53
B20004-0006B30050-25064×12525 1 S$3.68
B20004-0007B40050-35070×13025 1 S$4.13
B20004-0008B500100-40075×14050 1 S$4.35
B20004-0009B600100-50080×15050 1 S$4.65
B20004-0010B800100-75090×17550 1 S$5.85
B20004-0011B1000100-90095×18050 1 S$8.25